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​& Overseeding

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Seasonal Turf Renovation

Being the owner of a lush green lawn is only possible when it's healthy. To achieve that desirable look it starts with the foundation of your lawn, the roots. Let our skilled team of landscapers at Steel Cuts renovate your lawn to looking its best. 


  • Core Aeration – Over time, the soil becomes compacted due to weathering and foot traffic. Aerating loosens the soil and helps dethatch as well. We use special equipment to punch holes in the lawn to allow nutrients, water and oxygen to enter the soil. This allows your grass to grow deep, strong roots resulting in a beautiful lawn.

  • Overseeding – Completed with aeration gives your lawn the best chance to thrive. As stated above, core aeration creates holes in the soil which allows us to apply grass seed below the weeds and current grass. Paired with aeration these seeds have a better chance at taking root in your lawn.

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