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Landscape Design
& Maintenance

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Landscape Maintenance

Are you really looking forward to another hot weekend in the sun pulling those pesky weeds, trimming your overgrown shrubs and hand spreading dozens of bags of overpriced poor quality mulch? We didn't think so.

The skilled landscapers of Steel Cuts provide professional landscape design, installation and maintenance services that accent the exterior of your home, keeping your garden areas looking their best—in turn, increasing the value of your home!

Contact us today to schedule your Free Estimate with Steel Cuts!

Landscaping Services

  • Trimming We trim your shrubs, decorative grasses, and trees. This keeps them both neat and tidy, but also helps to promote healthy growth.

  • Weeding – We weed your landscape beds on a schedule, keeping them pristine and healthy.

  • Mulch – We believe that mulch is the final addition to a well-designed landscape. Typically, wood mulch is laid at two to three inches deep, which provides ample insulation from hot and cold temperatures, assists in weed prevention, and retains moisture.

    • Hardwood should be added yearly to your landscaping beds for both aesthetics and due to natural breakdown.

    • Pine Straw for those landscapes where mulch is not the best option.​​

  • Landscape Installation – We prepare garden beds for the planting of annuals, perennials, shrubs, and specimen trees, such as Japanese Maples or Arborvitaes. We will work with you to find both aesthetically pleasing and zone appropriate plants.

  • Vegetable Garden Installation – We provide an initial consultation, garden bed preparation, planting of desired fruits and vegetables and instructions for harvest and upkeep to keep you growing all season long.

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