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Fertilizer &
​Weed Control

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Lawn Treatments

Our skilled landscapers at Steel Cuts are licensed to use specialized professional fertilizers and weed control products that require training and certification.


  • Fertilizer contains the necessary nutrients to promote thick, healthy, green grass. This helps your lawn to be more resistant to stress of the summer heat and insect pests, while also reducing the chances of weed growth.

  • Weed & Insect Control helps fight against the invasive presence of weeds and insects in your lawn and landscape. Not only are they unattractive, they can also be harmful to pets, if eaten. Our services will help to eliminate this nuisance and bring your lawn back to a beautiful and healthy state.

Treatment Packages


  • 6-Step Fertilization

  • Pre-emergent Weed Control

  • Post-emergent Weed Control

  • Lawn Insect Control



  • Weed+Feed Package

  • Fall Core Aeration

  • Fall Overseeding

  • Starter Seed Fertilizer

6-Step Weed+Feed Program

Pre-emergent – Our team leverages a multi-solution approach to your weed problem that starts with a preventative treatment that stunts the germination and growth of those pesky weeds.


Post-emergent The weeds that don’t respond to our preventative treatments will be eradicated during a post-emergent spot spraying. Either way, you are weed free guaranteed — or we will come out and troubleshoot until the job is done.

Applications of fertilizer / pesticide applied to all mowing and turf grass areas.

  • Round 1 (March): Fertilizer Plus Pre-Emergent Herbicide to stop weeds before they germinate.

  • Round 2 (April): Fertilizer Plus Pre-Emergent Herbicide as additional crabgrass defense.

  • Round 3 (June): Fertilizer Plus Grub Control to stop insects feeding on the lawn.

  • Round 4 (July): Summer Fertilizer to keep your lawn green all-summer long (with proper watering).

  • Round 5 (Aug.): Fertilizer to recover from any summer stress.

  • Round 6 (Nov.): Late Fall Fertilizer to winterize and feed your lawn through the Winter.

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